Monday, October 26, 2009

Eclipse Welcomes back Jack Sharpless!

Jack Sharpless has been a client of Eclipse for several years. He travels from Georgia, near Tallahassee to get here. He was at Eclipse today, working on his 3rd Album called,

If I Could Be Your Lover.

“This title track came about as a feel good song for beginning relationships, to evoke positive thought for 2 people who just met.” Jack went on to say, “This song is meant to express your emotions and feelings, into words and into music.”

Jack Sharpless at Eclipse Recording CompanyOther albums Jack has made at Eclipse are;

Ghost of a faded moon

Lovers Country

Melodies of the heart

Krysta Brown (project manager) says of Jack, “He is very passionate about music. His project is unique because it is a complete CD of music specifically geared towards couples.”

Jack Sharpless at Eclipse Recording CompanyEclipse has produced Jack’s Website:

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The Jazz Jam was a hit this weekend. Jim Stafford (chief conspirator of Eclipse) ran sound for the event.

Jazz JamInga Erickson (president of the Jazz society) says, “The St. Augustine Jazz Society could never pull off our monthly Jazz Jams without the help of Eclipse Recording Company. Every month they come out and set up their P.A. for us. We are very appreciative of all the things they have done to help us.”

We had Dave Besley and Ray Kayanek in the studio working on their new song called “Empty Stockings.” This song will be the title cut for this years Christmas CD. It is appropriately named because each year this CD benefits the St. Augustine Record’sEmpty Stocking Fund.

Ray says, “This is one of those situations where 1 and 1 make 3; Where 2 people working together on a song make it better.” Besley says, “Ray got the idea for the words and we just took it from there.”

Dave Besley and Ray Kayanek at Eclipse Recording CompanyIf you are interested in submitting a song for the Christmas CD please contact us from the link below or call 904-794-1872

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