Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A day in the life of Eclipse Recording Company

Eclipse had Uma Seaman in the studio working on her Yoga Video, with Dan Bagan behind the camera, this is a very exciting project. The video was shot on location at the St. Augustine Beach, Uma then came back to the studio where we recorded her voiceover while she watched the footage on a monitor in the vocal booth.

Dan Bagan at Eclipse Recording CompanySuzy Bagan joined Dan today in the studio.

Uma Seaman (pictured below) in the booth.

Uma Seaman at Eclipse Recording Company

We had Stevie Floyd in the studio (pictured with Krysta Brown Project Manager.) Stevie is in the band called, DarkCastle. We printed some CD’s for her of her Album entitled, “Flight of the Pegasus.”

Stevie Floyd and Krysta Brown at Eclipse Recording Company

Bernie “Son” Powers came in the studio with Rob Piazza they were working on Bernie’s current CD called “Install Me,” but he wanted to share the fact that years ago he brought in some old Cassette tapes from the late 70’s, and Eclipse made full CD’s out of them. Bernie says, “It’s a way to make it permanent! I didn’t sell the CD’s I just gave them to the guys in the band. If we didn’t do this, the cassettes and all that music would have been lost.”

Bernie "Son" Powers and Krysta Brown At Eclipse Recording Company

Krysta (pictured above) is holding the CD’s that came from Bernie’s old cassettes. Rob and Bernie (pictured below.)

Bernie "Son" Powers and Rob Piazza at Eclipse Recording CompanyFor more information on Eclipse Recording Company please visit our website below:

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