Thursday, October 29, 2009

Behind the scenes look at the Video Shoot, Vinny Jacobs and Steve Bennett

We had Vinny Jacobs in the studio with Steve Bennett working on a song they wrote called, “The Christmas Message” for this year’s Christmas CD.

Vinny Jacobs at Eclipse Recording Company

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Or Listen to some of his music:

His musical focus is, Finger style guitar, acoustic blues and modern folk!

Steve Bennett (below) will keep returning until he finally gets this monkey off his back.

Steve Bennett at Eclipse Recording Company!He is one of our first clients to walk through the doors of Eclipse Recording and is featured in many previous blogs, and can be found HERE at our online store.

Eclipse had a Video Shoot today in order to promote the Eclipse Video Services and also to show online entrepreneurs how to promote a successful video.

Video Shoot with Dan Bagan at Eclipse Recording Company!(above) Dan Bagan setting up the green screen at Eclipse.

Dan Bagan setting up for the video shoot at Eclipse Recording CompanyDan Bagan (above) is setting up for the shoot today.

View from the Control Room at Eclipse Recording Company!Richard Wall (pictured above with Francis) is a former Television Producer/ Writer who wrote the script for the shoot today. He is also, helping with rewrites and delivery of dialogue.

The whole gang for the Video Shoot at Eclipse Recording Company!(above) A motley crew simulating their poses for pictures found on the post office wall. Richard Wall, Jim Stafford, Francis and Dan Bagan!

Dan Bagan shooting Video at Eclipse Recording Company(above) Dan Bagan getting ready to shoot the video.

Krysta Brown, Project Manager at Eclipse Recording CompanyKrysta Brown (Project Manager for Eclipse) was the star of the video shoot today!

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